First Values

  • Progress over Perfection. We will seek to create an environment in which people who walk through our doors know that it's ok not to be perfect.
  • Community over IsolationWe believe life-change happens best in the context of relationships. In clusters of caring people, participants share and encourage each other toward spiritual growth.
  • Grace over JudgmentBecause Christ lives in us as a gift of grace, we will seek to reflect his grace in the ways we interact with each other.
  • Relationship over ReligionWe will always put a priority on knowing Christ intimately, a heart relationship over head knowledge.
  • God’s Word over Worldly WisdomGod's Word is our guide, authority and conscience in everything. We stand firm where it stands firm and remain flexible where it is flexible.
  • Harmony over HomogenyOur desire is that the Holy Spirit will bless us with a rich diversity of ages, life-stages, religious, racial, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. We desire to foster an atmosphere of unity that communicated warmth and acceptance of all  that care to join us.